Holy Roller
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Holy Roller
Never ending flood of evil!

This game is in an alpha stage . This means the rules, cards, and gameplay can change drastically from its current design at any time.

The horns of judgment have sounded and the end times are upon us. Evil floods the land and the people of earth need help against the constantly rising tide. You must work with your fellow saints to stymie the flood of evil before the seventh seal is broken.
Holy Roller is a cooperative card and dice game where you battle a flood of evil. Each saint has an ability to help them in the fight. You and your fellow saints have a very difficult struggle ahead. Evil comes in many forms and requires specific instruments to defeat. Roll your die, gain powerful artifacts, and work together to defeat evil! You either win together or lose together so talk and devise a strategy with your fellow Saints. Evil is unrelenting and if you and your fellow saints do not work together, you will surely loose the battle!

You can download the instructions from here
You can also play it on Tabletop Simulator now here
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