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Prepare to become a hunter in the woods on the prowl to hunt a turducken. One chicken, one duck, and one turkey is all you need to win! Turducken is a cutthroat game of acquisition by any means necessary
Play: 30-60 min | Ages: 10+ | Players: 2-6 | Area: 3'x3'
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Hunter Pack - Turducken expansion increase the number of hunters by 6, adds 12 new action cards, and 15 new mini-characters! With the expansion you now have to face the predators in the woods along with facing your opponents. The expansion pack also allows you to play solo!
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Gameplay Overview

Get ready to play Turducken, the greatest, fast-paced, family friendly, multicultural game of the century! You are a mighty hunter in the woods determined to bring home the ultimate dinner, a turducken! 1 chicken, 1 duck, and 1 turkey is all you need to win, but watch out for your fellow hunters who can play abilities and action cards to stop you in your tracks. Do you have what it takes to be the best hunter in the woods and bring home the turducken?

Turducken is highly focused on player interaction through abilities and action cards that can be a boon to you or a hindrance to others. The gameplay and setup are fairly simple. First, each player selects a character card. How you divvy the cards is up to you. The last person to select a character card goes first. Now let's setup the play area:

BIRDS: You will need an equal number of each bird token (chicken, duck, turkey) and place them in the play area. You will need one less of each bird than the number of hunters. So for a 4 player game, put 3 chickens, 3 ducks, and 3 turkeys scattered in the play area.
CHARACTER CARDS: Place your hunter's character card face up in front of you.
HIT TOKENS: Place the hit tokens (bull's eye pieces) in a couple of piles around the play area within everyone's reach.
ACTION CARDS: Finally, shuffle the action cards and place them in a pile in the center of the play area; while leaving room for a discard pile.


4 player layout

There are 2 states your hunter can be in:
- Ready to Shoot
- Reloading

Ready to Shoot
When your character is ready to shoot, their die is off of their card. Every hunter starts the game ready to shoot.
The actions you can take when you are Ready to Shoot are:
1) Take a shot at a bird
2) Draw an action card

When you take a shot: point to the bird you want to take a shot at, give the bird a name, then roll your die. You have to roll at or above your accuracy score (This is the number located in the bottom right corner of your Hunter Character Card). If you hit and the number of hits the bird has taken is equal to or greater than your hunter's required hits for that bird (the number written on the specified bird in your Hunter Character Card inventory slot), it is dead and you can flip it over to the dead side of the token onto your character card. If you hit and the number of hits the bird has taken is less than required for your hunter, put a hit token (bull's eye) underneath the bird.

Whether you hit the bird or miss, you immediately go into reloading. To indicate you are reloading, take your die, turn it to the initial reload value (This is the die number located in the top right corner of your Hunter Character Card), rectify any gold action cards that adjust the reload value, then put the die on your card on the Reload die icon.

During your turn after going into reloading, you can do both the following actions:
1) Turn your reload die down 1 number (unless hindered)
2) draw an action card

***While reloading, your character cannot shoot at a bird. However they can play action cards and abilities since both can be played any time throughout the game despite whose turn it is.

Action Cards
Action cards come in 2 flavors
- Blue Action Cards which are played anytime, immediately, then discarded
- Gold Action Cards which are played anytime, stay in play, and affect only the person or bird they are played on

***There is no hand limit to how many action cards a player can hold and there is no "cool down" time. As soon as you draw an action card you can play it and you can play it at anytime after whether it is on your turn or on any other player's turns.

You may at any time discard 3 action cards from your hand to do one of the following:
- turn your reloading die or an opponent's reloading die (down or up) 1 number
- remove a gold action card in play to the discard pile. This can be played on any player you choose.

Win Condition
If you have at least 1 dead chicken, 1 dead duck, and 1 dead turkey AND you are in Ready to Shoot at the end of your turn, YOU WIN!

Game Pieces
6 character cards6 character cards 50 action cards3 action cards 30 tokens (5 each bird, 15 hit)3 bird tokens and 1 hit token 6 dice2 dice
Picture of game 1 Picture of game 2 Picture of game 3 Picture of game 4
Rule Clarifications
gold cards
Gold cards are not global in scope (unless stated explicitly on the card) and only affect the player it is played on. Any affects card provides are adjusted immediately. For instance, playing Tree Stand on yourself while you are in reload will increase your reload die by 2 as soon as you play it.
Richard Brownback
Richard can trade with another player; action cards in play, action cards in a player's hand, or dead birds. But only same for same
James Metalchurch
James can only tie up his own dead birds in his hair
Weapon Cleaning
Player discards the action card from their hand
Lucky Shot
Player must successfully hit a bird before Lucky Shot can be used
Sixth Sense
It does affect a bird for an entire round. Easiest just to put the card under the bird for 1 round then discard it
Character Bios
fulmer red portrait
Fulmer Red is a backwoods and outdoors enthusiast that loves to drink beer, go to church, and sit around the fireplace in his cabin talking to his stuffed squirrel Rocky. His blunderbuss is his most prized possession and has been passed down his narrow family tree from one uncle brother to the another. Fulmer once gave directions to his cousin 1/8th removed about where his sister lived and it went something like "... three hillocks down past the berry patch, dead past ten seasons, and then turn round the fishing hole till you see the tip of Old Goats Pass. You will see her there."

He hasn't seen his sister for awhile and is out to impress her tonight with their favorite family meal, a turducken. The woods surrounding his cabin is ripe with plenty of game so he doesn't expect to have too much difficulty winning the heart of his sister tonight.
cari crackshot portrait
Cari Crackshot is a capricious 10 yr old that loves adventure and exploring. Her family goes camping routinely and doesn't mind when she wanders off for an afternoon to play as they know how resourceful of a little girl she is. Top of her girl scout troop and 5th in the nation for most girl scout accomplishments, Cari knows how to survive in the wilderness with only a toothpick and broken soda bottle.

Cari hates hanging around the boring campsites that her parents always choose so she takes her trusty slingshot and heads out into the adjoining woods. She was also never much for hotdogs over the fire so she decides to do a little hunting while she was out exploring and quickly finds a glade filled with wild chickens, ducks, and turkeys.
frenchie portrait
Frenchie hates, absolutely hates, that nickname. His real name is Prince Légitimé Amédéé Donatien Goubeaux 3rd but the idiots that surround him couldn't figure out how to their wrap the peasant tongues around the grand and beautiful french language to address him properly and so those heathens just called him "Frenchie".

Frenchie and his horse, a direct descendant of the mighty Marengo, are used to the fast paced and exhilarating sport of fox hunting. He can't bear the thought of having another cold soup from the lodge he is currently vacationing in so Frenchie decides to have a nice relaxing day on a hunt. Foxes are no where to be seen but he does happen across an opening that has a magnificent array of birds and memories of his childhood chef's weekend dinners come flooding back to him.
xi portrait
Xi was kidnapped as a young child and raised by the Chinese government to be the perfect assassin. At age 10 she already had the highest kill rate against the Triad than any agent before her. Using her youth to her advantage she infiltrated hideouts that no other assassin could come close to. She has killed with poisons, traps, explosives, guns, but her favorite is her jian.

Today is her 18th birthday and she was finally given some time to relax. She chose the countryside half way around the world where she didn't know anyone and wouldn't hear the constant drone of the city. Wondering around the woods she came across a tight group of chickens, ducks, and turkeys and decided she was hungry.
richard brownback portrait
Richard Brownback is a five time winner of The Masters. He loves his adoring fans and being in front of the camera. But this weekend, Richard is taking a sabbatical from the sport and spending time with husband. For some gawd-awful reason, Douglas wanted to spend time away from cameras and fans and spend it alone in a damp, dreary, dirty cabin in the woods.

Richard hates it. Him and Douglas just finished getting into a fight when Richard stormed out the door with his golf club to go for a walk and cool off. Douglas is a 4 star Michelin chef so when Richard finally stopped seeing red and saw the collection of birds in front of him, he new just what to do to make up to Douglas.
jack woodburn portrait
Jack Woodburn is a family man through and through. He married his highschool sweetheart as soon as she turned 18, only 3 days after his birthday. He was captain of the highschool football team and Josephine was head cheerleader. Jack worked on his father's farm that has been in their family for generations. They had the perfect life.

But big corporate bought the farm a decade ago. Jack had to go work as a logger cutting down the forest he grew up in and he gambles away most of his check on the lottery hoping for the big score. He can't even afford to buy formula for their 6th kid. So when he stumbles onto a gaggle of birds he thinks things are starting to look up a little.
james metalchurch portrait
James Metalchurch will be the first to tell you that he loves Satan, Ozzy, and anarchy....in that order. Life is just a big lie that the man uses to keep everyone down and enslaved to the corporatocracy. He hates everyone and everything that lives on this dung pile called Earth.

He just finished burning down a small hillbilly church and was running through the woods so the cops wouldn't catch him. He had been running for awhile and almost immediately got lost. He was tired, hungry, and hated the trees so much that he would swing his homemade "Chaos Club" at saplings for fun. When he came across the small band of birds all he could think was to destroy.
surem portrait
Surem started life in the gutter of a mexican gang. He grew up hard but that life didn't make him hard. He is still a deeply caring and compassionate young man. But after a rival gang came into the neighborhood and his grandmother was shot through their kitchen window, he had had enough. So he grabbed his ancestral macuahuitl and left.

Surem had done plenty of hunting in the forests next to his old home while growing up so living off the land while migrating to a better place was not a terrible burden. He also knew he had to take advantages of gifts when they are given so when he spied a group of birds in the distance between some trees, he knew exactly what to do.
jenny blight portrait
Jenny Blight is not her real name. She had been in the spy business for so long that she no longer knew her real name. She traveled under this name and told everyone that she was a teacher on holiday. But what she really was doing in those woods was keeping an eye on the most deadly assassin the world had ever seen, Xi.

While she was tailing Xi and she saw the assassin take an interest in the "supposedly" wild birds in the forest, she knew they had to be some part of a chinese invasion plan and had to get to those birds first. The Kremlin doesn't take lightly to failure.
jr sr jr portrait
Junior Senior Jr. used to have 2 brothers and all three of them vied for the heart of their sister. A freak accident while planning for the zombie apocalypse reduced that number down by 1 brother. Junior Senior Jr. loved his brother, but ended up shooting him with a crossbow. The law hasn't traced Mayrle's murder to Jr. and he isn't keen on telling them his brother is missing.

But he absolutely is angry that is other brother is making a move on his sweet sweet sister! He followed his brother, Fulmer, to their typical hunting glade. When he saw the birds lined up in a row, he knew his brother's intentions and vowed to eliminate the birds out of the equation!
jer zee portrait
Jer Zee grew up on the streets but reformed himself after becoming a rapper of renown. He has played across many venues around the world and he feels he has accomplished what he set out to do, show the world that rap is a true form of expression. His last concert completely sold out the stadium even during a pandemic.

However he has realized that he has never connected with true nature. In search of inspiration he has taken to wandering the woods in search of his next great revelation. While walking and rapping about the fauna he was surrounded by he came upon a clearing with a multitude of birds.Realizing he had never shot a gun in his life, he took out his 9mms and buckled down to hunt.
lydia and gerri portrait
Lydia and Gerri have been married for almost 15 years and they still go out of their way to do the special little things for each other. Today is Lydia's birthday and Gerri got her love her favorite gift, outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Someplace it can be just the two of them sharing an adventure.

So far they had seen majestic mountains, beautiful rainbow waterfalls, and flowers that never appear in their local flower shop. When they came upon the glade and saw all those birds Gerri said, "You know, we have never actually killed anything before. Do you think we have what it takes?". Being staunch vegetarians, Lydia's first reaction was "Ew, are you serious?". But just then a movement rippled in the trees and a primal urge wafted through both of them. "Yes," Gerri said, "Yes I am.". Both of them reached in their purses for their tasers and went on the hunt.
The Journey
Turducken began life, as most lives, as a joke. I had just played Space Poo and I thought to myself "Self, what would be the most most ridiculous concept for a game that would still be fun?" I had also recently watched Armageddon for the umpteenth time and he had mentioned haggis, which is a bunch of meat stuffed in other meat. And it was around Christmas time and my mom had asked what we wanted for dinner. I was tired of turkey and started thinking of what I wanted to eat. All of those ideas kind of collided into a supernova in my head and the initial concept for Turducken was born in about 5 minutes. It stuck with me for awhile and by that summer I had a horrible version of the game I will hereby call the "dirty printer version". Even just play testing on my own the game took forever and I would even confuse myself on the rules.

I printed off a couple more versions and tinkered around with the mechanics until my aha moment of using dice to track reloading. From there all of the other pieces fell into place. Once I got Turducken to a better place, I forced family and friends to play it during out our routine game night. The games went fairly well and I got some really good feedback. Since then one of the best things about the game was something spur of the moment decision addition while we were testing out the first game: Give your birds a name! Adds a lot of creativity from the players into the game itself.

Since then there has been some rebalancing but all in all the game as it exists today is the same game that I envisioned in my head. From start to finish to create the game took about 6 months however it has been in the works for about 2 years now. I had no idea the amount of time and energy I would have to spend doing all of the ancillary work that goes along with the game: starting a business, building a website, creating a kickstarter, all of the social media (that I am still not good at doing regularly), tutorials and videos...all while keeping down a 9-5 to pay the bills.

It has been an awesome journey and I hope you get to have as much fun playing this game as I have had making it and as much fun as our family has had playing it!