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Caps And Stones
Caps and stones cover
We have scoured ruins for the games the ancients played. We found this stone tablet and have done our best to interpret the hieroglyphs of the ancients.
Caps And Stones is a fast paced 2 player abstract game that focuses on trying to think 5 moves ahead with an ever changing play area

Play: 5-15 min | Ages: 4+ | Players: 2 | Area: 1'x1'

Download Rules & Pieces 3d Printable Stl Watch: How To Play Play Online!
Tchotchke Wars
tchotchke wars cover
Tchotchke Wars uses everyday objects to power your character! Lint in your pocket, a dirty diaper, a penny, and your favorite meeple can all be used to power your character to victory!
Play: 5-15 min | Ages: 8+ | Players: 2 | Area: 1'x1'
Download Rules and Characters