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Meep Up! Con is THIS WEEKEND! Meeps & Peeps discord!! Take a look at the schedule below and select a time and a game you want to play. We have two of our games available to play and learn: Turducken and Caps And Stones!

Turducken is a fast paced game that focuses on player interaction with a "take that" game style. The game is for 2-6 players that are 10+ years old and usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to play. Winning the game is the name of the game, hunt and kill yourself a Turducken. One chicken, one duck, and one turkey is all you will need to win. Your chosen hunter has special abilities and you can gather and play action cards to help yourself or damage your opponents ability to hunt. A great family game with high replayability from multiple hunters to control and very dynamic game play from player interaction.

Caps And Stones is a fast paced 2 player abstract game that focuses on trying to think 5 moves ahead with an ever changing play area. Games normally take 5-15 minutes to play and it only takes about 30 seconds to learn. Once you get the hang of the basic rules of play, an advanced twist on the rules is available to incorporate into your gameplay for truly mind bending games!

Click on the game, follow the link in the description, and sign up to play!
We here at Boson Studios are dedicated to making games that people want to play again and again. We also don't want any barriers to inhibit people playing our games. So we endeavor to have as many games as possible free to play in one format or another. For the larger games like Turducken, we will have it up on Tabletop Simulator. There are several Print & Play games in the works and those will always be completely free. We also have a role playing game where the rules and character templates will always be free. We want everyone from all walks of life to be able to enjoy and play our games :) And don't forget to SIGN UP for our periodic newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn